About Temo


You want the full dope?  Okay here it is:  My name is Cuauhtémoc Luis Fulgencio, or Temo (TEH-moe) as I’m known to my friends.  I’m a writer of stories, a taker of pictures, and a drinker of IPA’s.  I wish I could say I was a slut but I haven’t gotten laid lately.

I’ve been doing this word-smithing thing for a long time but haven’t taken it seriously until last year when I realized I was wasting my time drinking beer, and imagining stories instead of tapping the damn keys leading to their creation. 

In my head I’ve created numerous television shows, films, shorts, music videos and other various worlds that I will put on a screen someday.  In my living room closet is a box full of doilies I wrote stories on, back when I worked in a restaurant kitchen. One day you’ll read them yourself, although probably they will no longer be on napkins.

If you want to see glorious aesthetics please feel free to check out my feed on Instagram; it’s pretty cool.  I took a bunch of selfies because my mom says I’m the most handsome guy in the world.

Want more? Stick around, dollface, and don’t forget to follow and like me.

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